Make your event into a truly SHOW STOPPING MEMORABLE ‘SUPER FUN’ occasion by hiring THE GREAT AMERICAN FIRETRUCK BAR.

Belle is a monumental 1950’s designed Pirsch firetruck, lovingly restored and modified into THE MOST UNIQUE MOBILE COCKTAIL BAR, she is propelled by an 8.7 litre Hercules aircraft engine.

The company's first firetruck was made in 1929 Mid Prohibition however Belle is anything but a ‘DRY BAR’. Hire Belle and you can bridge the gap where bar and cabaret meet, for ONE STOP ENTERTAINMENT. FABULOUS COCKTAILS, mixed by a minimum of three entertaining American ‘speaking’ bar staff all served in eco-friendly biodegradable branded packaging.

BELLE's journey

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If your event is a sporting, private celebration or festival of any kind, do get in touch for further information to design your cocktail menu and quote to see if we can make your event FABULOUS!


SIZE: 32ft x 8.7ft x 10.8ft

vehicle footprint